Welcome too IcyCool Alaskan Malamutes home page!

A hub of information relating to this exceptional breed :)

All Icycool dogs are first and foremost our beloved family, along with 3 parrots, Breckan our GSD and a pond full of Carp. Our family used to also consist of 2 horses which Sharron showed at competive level. Yes you have guessed it we just love animals.

We fell in love with Malamutes after watching Breed all about it, after which we decided to research the breed to see if it was for us. The rest is history, we were hooked. Malamutes are addictive.

We are members of A.M.W.A and A.M.C.U.K

Our family take up all our time and money and not one minute or one cent is begrudged. They have brought us good friends which we may never have had, and lots and lots of joy (although Brian did not say this when he came off the rig).

Hope you enjoy and find what you are looking for!